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Trax & Trails, Cornwall & Devon 4x4 Driving Days, Training Courses and 4x4 Lessons

Trax & Trails, Cornwall & Devon 4x4 Driving Days, Training Courses and 4x4 Lessons

Trax & Trails, Cornwall & Devon 4x4 Driving Days, Training Courses and 4x4 Lessons
Trax & Trails - 4x4 Night Drive Experience

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4x4 Night Drive Experience £145
Including dinner vouchers for The Royal Inn, Horsebridge.

Looking for something different to do on a summer evening?

....Look no further.

Enjoy watching the sun go down whilst in an specialised 4 x 4 off road vehicle. Prepare to be amazed as you take to the wheel and experience fun, excitement and sheer adventure in our beautiful yet challenging 4 x 4 course.

Test your driving skills as you tackle drops, mud, water, steep descents and even our specially designed trials section if you think your up to it, followed by a meal in the local pub. An experienced instructor will accompany you throughout your driving experience.

Typical Night Drive Session:

  • 6:00 pm - Arrive at the centre, meet the instructor, enjoy refreshments. With the instructor and help of a 4 x 4 off road vehicle make your way to the woodland site!
  • 6:10 pm - Experience many different terrains and begin to build your confidence to prepare yourself for the challenging sections latter on.
  • 7:15 pm - Tackle more challenging routes (dependant upon instructors assessment of clients ability).
  • 8:00 pm - Begin to head back to the centre, receive certificates and a de brief.
  • 8:15 - 8:20 pm - Arrive at the pub and enjoy your complimentary dinner vouchers

Our corporate sessions are organised to maximise participation, no time to sit around, it's action all the way!

Coffee & biscuits on arrival, disclaimers and signing in, safety briefing and team selection. 3 activities would mean 3 teams which will then rotate through the chosen activities. At the end of day/half day all teams come together for the presentation of both individual and team certificates. If the competitive 4x4 trial is chosen all teams come together for this, participants will walk the course with their instructors and then drive it themselves, instructor in the passenger seat but it will be your decision how to drive it!

To the right is an example of a typical on site, afternoon programme, which includes our most popular corporate activities.


Following team selection and after a safty briefing:

14.00 pm Assemble for coffee, signing in, introduction and safety briefing.

14.10 pm Team 1 Off-Road Driving
Team 2 Clay Shooting
Team 3 Blindfold Driving/Archery

15.00 pm Team Rotation 4pm Team Rotation

17.00 pm Presentation of individual and team awards.....just for fun!

Catering and Accommodation
Country hotel, Farmhouse B&B and self catering all available locally.

Shirley & Paul Bruna, Trax and Trails, South Alston, Stoke Climsland, Callington, Cornwall, PL17 8LX. Tel. 07989 388530
West Country off road 4x4 driving & driver training for Devon and Cornwall plus clay pigeon shooting & archery
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