Corporate / Group multi activity days

Corporate Days, Teambuilding & Incentives for groups.
Bring your partners, colleagues, friends or family to us for a fun filled activity session. Its a great way to get to know your work colleagues better, increase group cohesion or just have a great day out with friends! Our group entertainment packages range from a short session with one activity to a full days multi activity experience dependant upon group numbers, budget and individual requirements.

We understand that each of our customers requirements differ and therefore tailor our sessions to meet your individual needs. And specific requirements please ask, no inquiry is

to big or small! We cater for all group sizes and can guarantee we will do our best to make your day a memorable one! Is this day a special family day out/wedding party/ hen or stag do or a birthday surprise? Why not make it a V.I.P package and hire our photographer for your session? Pictures of the day are sure to make you smile in years to come!

The activities that we offer in our group activity packages are : 4 x 4 of road driving, clay pigeon shooting, 4 x 4 blindfold driving, 4 x 4 competitive trial (a great way to end the day and even better if you can beat your boss/dad/best mate!) and archery. There are possible winners for clay pigeon shooting, competitive trials driving, blind fold driving and archery, we find this a great way to add a competitive and fun element to the day, there will be a presentation to conclude the day for team and individual winners!

Below are a few examples of what we could offer, please note these are only guidelines, each of our packages are tailored to you and therefore activities and duration is something you can discuss with us and we can pick something that would suit you! Why not let us organise lunch for you and split your day into two parts? Please contact us for a quote.

Example for a group of 24

Example of a half day for 24 people (timings, activities and duration can change dependant upon group requirements, during winter months the session below would have to start earlier!):

12.45: Arrive with us at Trax and Trails, sign in, meet the instructors, enjoy light refreshments, split into four teams of six and think of appropriate team names!
1.00: Group A- 4 x 4 off Road Driving
Group B- Clay Pigeon Shooting
Group C- Archery
Group D- Blindfold Driving
2.00: Groups Rotate
3.00: Groups Rotate
4.00: Groups Rotate
5.00:Competitive 4 x 4 Trial (A great competitive and light hearted way to end the day!)
5.45/6:00: Presentation of Certificates to individual and group winners, refreshments if required!

Example for a group of 8

Example half day for a group of 8 (there is the option of splitting into two groups and rotating activities)

12.45: Arrive with us a Trax and Trails, sign in , meet instructors and enjoy light refreshments.
1.00: Clay Pigeon Shooting
2.00: Archery
3:00: 4 x 4 Off road driving
4:00: Blind fold driving
4.45/5.00: Competitive 4 x 4 Trial
5.30/5.45: Presentation of certificates for team and individual winners!

Example for a group of 16

Example full day for a group of 16:

9.45: Arrive with us at Trax and Trails, sign in, meet instructors, enjoy light refreshments and split into four groups of four.
10.00: Group A and B Clay Pigeon Shooting Group C and D 4 x 4 Off Road driving
12.00: Lunch at the local pub
1.00: Group A and B 4 x 4 off road driving Group C and D Clay pigeon shooting
3.00: Blindfold driving/Archery
4.00: Competitive 4 x 4 Trial
5.00: Presentation of certificates for individual and group winners, there will also be refreshments available is required.